Semi-Private = 2 Students|1 Teacher
Must be at least 2 1/2 & Potty Trained!
(by session start date)

Private = 1 Student |1 Teacher

A. Payment Plan Option:
This option allows you to split your fees into 2 equal payments per session if you wish to do so.

B. Pay In-Full Option:
This option allows you to save money by paying the lesson fee/s in full on time. 


*PayPal fee will be applied

Fee's may be split into separate 
payments if you wish to do so.

Payments will NOT be accepted 
unless registration is confirmed
SESSION 1 (14 lessons):  
June 12-August 2
*No Classes JULY 1-6

  SESSION 2 (14 lessons)
August 7- September 20 

Each Session = 14 (30 Minute) Lessons
Lessons are held every TUESDAY & THURSDAY

If your child misses a class for ANY reason, they forfeit that class.
Click Below to Download the Waiver & Check Off List:
Copies will also be available at the schools.

*No Refunds

Registration Fee:
$25 per student, each summer

Session Fee:
Prices are PER student PER session

14 Semi-Private Lessons (2 students)
A. Payment Plan Option = $420.00
B. Pay In-Full Option (save $) = $400.00

14 Private Lessons (1 student)
A. Payment Plan Option = $840.00
B. Pay In-Full Option (save $) = $800.00
Students must be enrolled at this school to register for swim lessons
2018 Montessori of Walnut
Summer Swim Program
How Our School Programs Work:

1. Register ONLINE HERE.*Form will be closed once all spots are filled.

2. After you receive your registration confirmation, please read all of the important instructions on how to finish the registration process.

3. Print, sign and turn in the WAIVER form, plus your fees, within 72 hours of confirmation or you risk losing your spot.

4. Print or familiarize yourself with the SWIM LESSON CHECK OFF LIST before lessons begin.

5. Pack a "Swim Bag" with your child's name on it. Please write their name on all personal items. Don't forget to bring their swim bag to school!

6. Dress your child in their swim attire on the days of their lessons, under their "Swim To You" shirts and easy to remove pants, to make the changing process faster, so they will not be late to their lessons! For girls, consider a two piece swim suit as they will have to use the restroom at some point before lessons.

7. Our swim staff will be responsible for the swim students before, during and after each lesson. Parents do not need to be in attendance during lessons as our swim staff will take care of EVERYTHING including:

* Picking students up from their classrooms
* Getting students ready for their lessons
* Walking students to the pool
* Teaching the lessons
* Showering the students and drying them off
* Changing students back into dry, clean clothes
* Taking students back to their classrooms

8. Please note these important things:

* You must apply sunscreen at home
* Do not pack toys or flotation devices of any kind
* Masks that cover the nose are NOT allowed
* Well made and good fitting goggles are ALLOWED
* Please do not distract our students during lessons
* NO parents are allowed in the "changing area"
* Write your child's name on all personal items!
* Sun protection is good & recommended! Hats, swim shirts, etc.

9. Miss Amy will be in charge of scheduling the times of each student. There is a method to scheduling that involves age, skill and fear levels. Each classroom is given the schedules ahead of time and the school teachers will make necessary adjustments to accommodate each swim student. 

10. As REQUIRED by the American Red Cross per Preschool Aquatics swim lessons, the pools are heated between 88-90 degrees. Please note, 90 degree water temperature feels similar to 70 degree air temperature. 

11. Please review your child's progress report at the end of each session to check what they have learned and accomplished. Always praise your child on their accomplishments! For very fearful students, even putting on a swim suit is an accomplishment! 

12. You are paying a lot of money to have professionals teach your child important water safety skills in very important steps, so please refrain from teaching them yourself between lessons as it could hinder their progress! Each student progresses at their own pace that is comfortable to them, so please be patient.

13. Lessons taught at the school are American Red Cross PRESCHOOL AQUATICS Levels 1-3.

The first three fees are due within 72 business hours of registration confirmation

                1. Registration Fee ($25.00)
                2. ALL "Pay in Full" Option Lesson Fees
                3. Payment Plan for SESSION 1: 1st 1/2 Lesson Fee

Other Payment Plan Option Due Dates:

Session 1: 2nd 1/2 = MAY 25, 2018

Session 2: 1st 1/2 = JUNE 29, 2018

Session 2: 2nd 1/2 = JULY 27, 2018